IBM Supply Chain Software Drives McKesson’s Success

Businesses with a supply chain are infamous for having a surplus of tracking issues. The Supply Chain is a complex infrastructure to monitor and manage, without the proper software. If enterprises wish to optimize their supply chain, they should seek a solution that streamlines picking, tracking shipping, transportation, assembly and delivery, among other things.

McKesson, the pharmaceutical distribution conglomerate, has implemented IBM’s Supply Chain Sustainability Management Solution, to help streamline the operational processes of their supply chain. IBM’s Supply Chain Sustainability Management Solution is a web-based SaaS that has modules to determine the emissions and distribution costs of any number of variables.

IBM’s Supply Chain Solution also has modules that help weigh the costs and benefits of various ways to store pharmaceuticals. For example, the system can help McKesson decide whether to cold-store insulin or vaccines in one central refrigerated storage facility or if operating cold rooms at a number of warehouses would be optimal. IBM’s Supply Chain Software can also help determine what transportation routes would be efficient and budget-friendly based on traffic patterns and time.

McKesson was IBM’s first Supply Chain Sustainability Management Solution’s user, but soon the IBM Supply Chain SaaS will be available through IBM’s Global Business Services.

McKesson is seemingly satisfied thus far, Don Walker Senior VP of McKesson explains: “IBM has given us the tools we need to weigh the environmental and financial effects of actions we may take in our supply chain. This system will be valuable to any business seeking ways to achieve both their financial and carbon reduction goals.”