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Top Five Trends of Supply Chain Logistics: Are You Following the Trend?

Supply chain logistics has taken a forefront in the business software world. There are some major trends that most supply chain logistics suppliers seem to be following when offering their products to their customers. We will take a look at these five trends and see if your company has followed any of them in the supply chain logistics implementation process.

Improved Outlook of Revenue

When thirty-one CEO’s were surveyed, twenty-five of them said that their companies profited after implementing supply chain logistics. This is a great percentage of businesses when you look at the big picture. As for the other six, three of them said they at least broke even. With the economy the way it was a few years ago, profiting or breaking even was a huge success. By doing nothing more than implementing supply chain logistics they were able to see a rise in their revenue. That is all the more reason why you should start your supply chain logistics software now.

Supply Chain Logistics Helping Companies Sustain Progress in a Down Economy

Of the thirty-one companies surveyed, fourteen of them said that they were sustaining profits even in a lessened economy. This is almost fifty percent of those surveyed which is a large number when talking about the bad economy. For doing nothing but implementing supply chain logistics those numbers alone are very impressive.

Looking into Near-Shoring

Twenty-seven of the thirty-one companies surveyed admitted to looking not only into supply chain logistics but also at near-shoring to cut costs. This has helped them to reduce costs in the warehouse as well as fuel cost when it comes to shipping, etc.

Improving Risk Management with Supply Chain Logistics

Supply chain logistics has helped to improve the risk management factor in businesses as well. Because the supply chain logistics can keep such close track of your merchandise as well as your shipping methods, your risk management will also be taken care of as well. This gives you the ability to focus on other things rather than worrying about where your merchandise is and where your money may be tied up at.

Allowing Room for Growth

Because implementing supply chain logistics is such a simple thing to do, you will actually save your company quite a bit of money. Once you have streamlined your warehouse you will be able to see that there may be more room for growth than you once thought you had. This will allow you to generate greater revenue overall and make your business grow like you never thought it could.

The Big Picture

Supply chain logistics can do wonderful things for your company. No matter what type of warehouse you have or what type of merchandise you handle on a daily basis, supply chain logistics just makes sense. There is never any harm in taking something and making it a little bit better; when it comes to the company that you have worked so hard to build this definitely holds true as well.