Brightpoint, the Indianapolis, Indiana-based company has re-entered the market in Poland. The company has expanded its wireless supply chain service capabilities and is now able to better serve its partners in that eastern European nation.

The move was prompted, at least in part, by the introduction of a new and more sophisticated mobile gadgets which are now available there. The combination of the new devices, along with over-the-air technology and a faster mobile network with larger bandwidth is a much needed service for those customers throughout Poland.

Brightpoint will also focus on the need to develop the mobile business for its channel and vendor partners. They will now offer expanded product and service offerings which will include an advanced E-toolbox with white-label Web shops as well as procurement services. This product will offer forecast and demand planning tools also.

Brightpoint recognizes that its customers need a broader range of value-added services and the decision to re-enter Poland is part of their global strategic plan to expand their geographical footprint. Brightpoint officials have shared that the company is aware that Poland is one of the largest markets in Europe and that they have a growing demand for wireless devices.

The company will provide its supply chain services to both vendors and the channels and thus reinforce their position as a leading provider of value-added logistics and distribution services in Europe, according to Anurag Gupta, the president in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

As the demand for innovative supply chains continues to increase in international markets, opportunities for companies like Brightpoint continue to grow. At the same time, competition demands that companies take innovation and leverage key platforms to drive visibility and success. An inability to do so will quickly render a supply chain competitor ineffective.