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Social Supply Chains

Social media in the B2B capacity In case you’ve been living under a rock, social media has completely changed eCommerce on a global scale. For the average consumer, its become second nature to follow trends online and searching for the best deals. Social media has certainly thrived in a business-to-consumer (B2C) setting, as online retail giants […]

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Green Supply Chain: Changing the Corporate World while Saving the Environment

Our world is currently undergoing major environmental change-researchers claim that the extreme weather occurring of late is caused by our lack of concern for the Earth. We tend to take our resources for granted considering the growing world population, resulting in resource depletion. Legislation enforcing stricter environmental regulations will soon be passed in America. The […]

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Inmar: Leader in Reverse Logistics Solutions

Interested in reducing your company’s rate of returns and improving trading partner relations while displaying a commitment to customer satisfaction and the environment? If so, implement reverse logistics solutions for your company today. Reverse logistics solutions can benefit your company greatly, and provide valuable data that can better its future functioning. Inmar Reverse Logistics, a […]

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Reverse Logistics Process: How to Increase Profits by Sending Products Back

Though supply chain logistics has been the primary focus, an increasing number of companies are discovering the great deal of money that can be made in looking the opposite way, and sending things back. Reverse logistics is a rapidly advancing concept in today’s business world, as Third Party Logistics Providers (3PLs) discovered that up to […]

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Gartner Names Oracle a Leader in Supply Chain Planning

In Gartner, Inc’s., “Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning (SCP) for Process Automation, 2010”, it was reported that Oracle is seen as the new market leader. The annual reports issued by Gartner position vendors in a particular quadrant based on their completeness of vision and ability to execute that vision. Oracle Applications caters to over […]

AkzoNobel Powder Coatings Selects Quintiq Scheduler for Supply Chain Management

AkzoNobel, a powder coatings manufacturer, has selected the Quintiq Scheduler to support production planning and supply chain management across AkzoNobel Powder Coatings facilities throughout Europe. AkzoNobel expects the Quintiq solution to help in increasing manufacturing productivity and improving delivery performance. At the same time, this supply chain management solution should also reduce inventory levels throughout […]

CDC Software Partners with OnAsset Intelligence to Bring Supply Chain Intelligence to the Cloud

CDC Software Corporation and OnAsset Intelligence Inc. have formed an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnership. Under this partnership OnAsset will exercise CDC Supply Chain technology to create greater intelligence and bring together wireless monitoring and sensor data with data from enterprise systems. Since CDC Software Corporation is a provider of on-premise and cloud developments, the […]

Supply Chain Operations Reference Model 10.0 Now Available from Supply Chain Council

The Supply Chain Operations Reference model 10.0 has been released by the Supply Chain Council. This release marks a first for three different elements within the framework for global supply chain management: 1. The introduction of people skill requirements designed to help organizations to build supply chain competency and career paths; 2. Supply Chain Council […]

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