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Are you Researching for Supply Chain Management Software Comparisons?

Supply Chain Management Software Comparison Having the right supply chain management (SCM) software can be an effective tool for controlling excessive supply chain costs in your company. SCM software can effectively manage transportation, warehouses, any logistics, essentially anything that is coordinating products/services from suppliers to customers. So choosing the right SCM software is essential. The […]

Zara Supply Chain: A Case Study in Success

The fashion industry is unpredictable. The products are highly unpredictable because they are susceptible to seasons and the fickle demands of consumers whose tastes can change on a whim. Zara spearheaded a supply chain management campaign that governed its design, purchasing, production, distribution and retailing efforts, and was highly successful. Here’s some of what the […]

What is the SCOR model?

In the evolution of the supply chain, there must be elements of best practice execution to provide the necessary incentives and platform for improvements. The SCOR model, or the Supply Chain Operations Reference, was developed by the Supply Chain Council to provide a unique framework to connect metrics, business practices, technology features and best practices […]

Using the Reverse Logistics Chain to Maximize the Value of Your Supply Chain

The reverse logistics chain is the process that consists of implementing, planning and controlling efficient, financially effective flow of materials, inventory in-process, completed goods and related information from the point of consumption to the end point which is used for recapturing the value of the material or the proper disposal of it. These steps may […]

Introduction to RFID Technology in the Supply Chain

RFID, or radio frequency identification, could spell the end of UCP bar codes as you know them in supply chain management. Through RFID tags, information and pricing is automatically fed into your computer systems, so all your clients, including your raw material suppliers and partners, as well as shoppers, receive a fast bill and an […]

Freight Management: Technologies Impact

As more and more consumers make their purchases over the Internet, there are fewer trips being made to the local shopping mall. However, the products still have to be shipped, which some could argue will increase freight traffic. What are the benefits and the drawbacks technology has had on freight management? Freight Management Technology and […]

Managing Supply Chain Risk by Benchmarking

Managing the supply chain is not without risks that can interrupt the flow of information and materials leading to bottlenecks in production, an inability to meet orders, lost sales and profitability. Risks tend to be categorized into either operational risks, network risks or environmental risks, each one threatening the optimized process flow within your organization. […]

5 Tips for Successful Inventory Optimization

Inventory is an important element in your overall strategy for success, yet it can also be the cause of resource depletion if you don’t maximize inventory optimization. What was once a theory stressed in the classroom is now a practical approach to business management. The good news is that inventory optimization is applicable in every […]

Outsourcing in Supply Chain Management: Why you Should be Doing it

Outsourcing in supply chain management is increasing in intensity. This reflects changes in costs and new demands for global performance as well as a need for greater sustainability and tougher monitoring regulations. You may decide to outsource processes along your supply chain to reduce excess inventory and waste, to respond to changing demands more accurately […]

Using Supply Chain Management Metrics to Improve Performance

Simply stated, supply chain management metrics are what helps you track the performance of your supply chain. These supply chain management metrics can include Inventory Turns, Cycle Time or Fill Rate; any process that involves your supply chain. The supply chain management metrics will allow you to track the progress of your company over a […]

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