Two recent reports show that supply chain management software grew in this first quarter of the year. Manufacturers and other businesses bought the software in growing numbers as an upstart economy freed up budget dollars for improvement initiatives.

The two recent reports were from Supply Chain Management and ERP vendors and in them JDA Software reported revenue for the fourth quarter ending Dec. 31, 2010 of $168.8 million. That far exceeds the $107.1 million it took in for the fourth quarter of 2009.

The 58 percent increase in revenue from JDA’s supply chain management products and services came mainly at the hand of its i2 Technologies’ subsidiary. They have long been a rival in the supply chain management software market until JDA acquired them in 2010.

JDA still managed to improve its supply chain management and related sales by 6 percent over the final quarter of 2009, even stripped of the i2 boost. They took in $113.9 million in revenue in the final quarter of 2009.

In announcing all of the recent results, JDA also said that it intends to grow its presence in the supply chain management market, expecting double-digit sales growth each year on its way to becoming a billion dollar company.

Total revenue in 2010 was $617.2 million for JDA and they continue to predict strong demand for supply chain management products in 2011.

On a smaller scale, CDC Software indicated that buyers in the fourth quarter purchased one of its supply chain management packages in greater numbers. CDC Software is an ERP and supply chain management provider also.

Previewing its fourth-quarter results, CDC said its TradeBeam global trade management offerings demonstrated solid growth in sales during the fourth quarter of 2010 but did not divulge the full results.