Imtech has produced a new Logistics Software called cargoNET that will allow UK express and parcels carriers the ability to view their operation across the board. Their Logistics Software is completely integrated and is linked to sales, customer service, finance and other operations. Imetch’s Logistics Software will assist in reducing debtor days, giving proof of a delivery, give accurate time frames and reduce the risk of incorrect deliveries. Their Logistics Software has proven to be a leader of its kind.

Other Functions of the Logistics Software by Imtech

Some of the other functions found through the Logistics Software include invoices, tariffs and consignments for each carrier. This allows for each of your sales teams to be completely in control and to be able to see each and every activity of your customers. However, even though your sales teams are linked together, they are also linked to the operations portion of the Logistics Software. This allows them to receive alerts when a delivery is late, lost or anything else abnormal has gone on.

Customer Service with Logistics Software

Tracking and tracing capabilities are functions that your customer service department will be able to handle with the Logistics Software. They will be able to see when each package is picked up from a store or residence and delivered as well. A Proof of Delivery or POD will also be issued with the Logistics Software customer service portion.

Logistics Software and Cash Collecting

Imtech’s Logistics Software also has a cash collecting portion that will allow your business to handle cash on delivery items as well as pre-paid orders. It works by alerting your drivers through the software of the payment needed at the time of delivery. This is a great asset so that all different types of deliveries can be handled with ease.

Making Your Operations More Efficient with Logistics Software

The Logistics Software offered by Imtech has been designed so that your business will be run more efficiently. It offers a complete operational platform that handles all aspects of your delivery business. Everything from the planning of the shipment to the shipment itself will be managed through your Logistics Software. Before the package has ever left your warehouse it is being managed through your Logistics Software. This allows you complete control over how many packages you will ship that day by deciding how many drivers you will have available.

Logistics Software Reports

Customized reports can be created through your Logistics Software for reference at a later date. This is great for holiday seasons as well as other busy shipping seasons. You will be able to see the volume of work that your company did in the prior year so you will know what to plan for in the years ahead. All of these things combined are what has helped Imtech create a great Logistics Software program. Because your customers always want to know the status of their shipments, you will now be able to tell them in real time and take the guess work out of the equation.