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CDC Software Supply Chain Review

Who they are

CDC Software is a supply chain and ERP software provider that is at the top of their class. CDC strives to be what their title describes—a Customer Driven Company. CDC is a customer driven company with the superior ability to understand, attract and maintain valuable cutomers. CDC is able to do so by listening to their customers and responding to customer needs with solutions that meet solve enterprise problems.


What they do

CDC Supply Chain knows that a smooth-running supply chain is critical to your competitive advantage and our suite of solutions was specifically built to help wholesale, retail, and manufacturing distribution companies manage their global demand-driven supply chains.

Integrated best-of-breed solutions are highly scalable to support high transaction volumes across order, warehouse, transportation, and replenishment processes.

Satisfied Customers

Ahold, Aldo Shoes, Canadian Tire, Boeing/Aviall, British Airways, Eli Lilly, Family Dollar, Sun Valley Foods, Warner Music Group


Supply Chain Product(s)

CDC Supply Chain

Product Key Features

  • With the number of actors in a supply chain constantly increasing, there must be careful coordination throughout the supply chain between the physical flow and the information flow. Visibility is a requirement for this coordination. Lack of real-time visibility causes companies to operate with high inventory stocks, longer cycle times and more expenses than necessary.
  • CDC Supply Chain includes portal-based trading partner collaboration, a set of comprehensive self-serve web applications that are easy to use, rich in content, quick in response and reliable in promises.
  • Each trading partner is treated individually based on easy-to-define profiles, preferences and templates, also for different distinct roles inside the partner company.
  • CDC Supply Chain’s warehouse management solutions optimize the use of resources and maximize the efficiency of day-to-day operations, with advanced capabilities to reduce logistics lead times by coordinating interdependent warehouse and transportation activities.
  • Experience increased utilization of warehouse space, reduction of obsolete products, improved delivery reliability and increased warehouse turns.

Supply Chain Technology

CDC Supply Chain is offered as a SaaS deployment, through managed hosting, or as an on-premise solution.

Bottom Line

Aside from being a customer-centric company, CDC is unique in its ability to change and evolve with its customers. CDC doesn’t make software they want to make; they make software their customers need. The simple principle of using customer demands to create supply has elevated CDC to one of the most well-respected ERP vendors in the market.