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Consona Supply Chain Review

Who they are

Consona is focused on providing top of the line software solutions and services for businesses of all sizes. Consona has been in the business of optimizing business for well over 120 years and across a number of vertical industries and segments. Consona solutions are built based on a best practices infrastructure and designed to solve core challenges in each segment they operate in. Consona helps businesses optimize their suppl y chain to maximize opportunities and cut costs and inefficiencies throughout.


What they do

Consona is an ERP provider with software solutions for custom, project-based manufacturing and industry specific products and expertise for metals and printed circuit-boards. Consona supply chain has driven the success of many manufacturing and warehouse businesses.



Satisfied Customers

All Flex, Inc. (Cimnet Systems); Andersen Power Products (Intuitive); Advanced Scientifics, Inc (Made2Manage); ATI Industrial Automation (Intuitive); B&K Corporation (Encompix); Coretec, Inc. (Cimnet Systems);Haynes Wire Company (AXIS); Johnstown Wire Technologies (AXIS); Kvichak Marine Industries, Inc. (Encompix); Smeal Fire Aparatus Co. (Made2Manage)


Supply Chain Product(s)


  • Intuitive ERP- an easy to implement software designed to help companies streamline operational processes for manufacturing environments in a number of different markets including electronics, medical devices, and aviation.
  • Made2Manage- provides custom manufacturers with a full suite of capabilities. Made2Manage is built on a casual bill-of-material for making complex products while enabling design and engineering activities.
  • Enconprix ERP- is software that provides users with project scheduling capabilities, management for engineer-to-order projects that involve complex manufacturing, project tracking, as well as pricing and scheduling.
  • AXIS- comprehensive ERP solution for manufacturers of metals, wire and cable, as well as metal service centers.
  • Cimnet Systems- provides a comprehensive ERP software solution for printed circuit board engineering and manufacturing, that incudes design, fabrication and certification.
  • DTR- ERP software solution that is designed to meet the unique requirements for plastics processors.
  • Relevant- software tailored to meet the specialized Earned Value Management requirements of US Defense Contractors.

Product Key Features

  • By integrating data across the enterprise, Consona’s family of ERP solutions help manufacturers see all areas of their business more clearly—from the top floor to the plant floor.
  • Manufacturing applications provide insight into production, inventory, scheduling, and costs, making it easy to pinpoint problems before they happen and identify opportunities for performance improvements and cost savings.
  • Integrated customer service, supplier management, planning, accounting, engineering, e-commerce and configuration provide the broadest range of coverage in the industry.
  • Industry-specific solutions deliver unmatched capabilities tailored to the exact needs of specific users, based on longstanding experience and knowledge in metals, wire and cable, printed circuit board, complex engineering-driven, project-based, and small and midsize-company manufacturing segments.


Supply Chain Technology

Manufacturers want to focus on building their business and satisfying their customers, not running IT operations. Consona insulates manufacturers from technology worries by making use of the latest proven technologies to support evolving needs and emerging innovations. Microsoft technology forms the backbone of Consona’s applications with wide use of the latest service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles to provide flexibility, adaptability, connectivity, and ease-of-use.

Bottom Line

Consona is ready to provide the information and support you need to keep your business lean, productive, and ahead of the competition in today’s rapidly changing market environment. Give Consona a call today to learn more about their supply chain software and services.