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IFS Supply Chain Review

Who they are

IFS is a best of breed enterprise solutions provider. IFS supply chain software is built to help businesses find a balance between efficiency and responsiveness across the supply chain. IFS software is unique because it mixes supply modes simultaneously and adapts swiftly to new supply models as products mature.


What they do

IFS has over 600,000 users across seven key vertical sectors: aerospace and defense; automotive; high-tech; industrial manufacturing; process industries; construction, service and facilities management and utilities and telecom. IFS Applications provides extended ERP functionality including customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), product lifecycle management (PLM), corporate performance management (CPM), enterprise asset management (EAM) and maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) capabilities.

Satisfied Customers

Alan Dick & Company, Barking Power Station, Barsebäck, Bristow Group Inc, Butcher’s Pet Care, Coba Plastics, Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Co., Gables Engineering, Globus, Hercules Sealing Products, Holland Co., J & H Machine Tools Inc, Management Science Associates, Peerless Industries, Saab, SAS/GEM, Todd Pacific Shipyards, Worldmark.


Supply Chain Product(s)

  • IFS Manufacturing
  • IFS Distribution
  • IFS Financials
  • IFS Business Performance
  • IFS Document Management
  • IFS Business Modeler
  • IFS eLearning

Product Key Features

  • As one of the world’s leading providers of component-based business software, IFS strongly believes that through components and the use of open standards, its customers will receive the best solutions possible.
  • Working in close collaboration with its network of global partners, IFS is driving the market to embrace standards and co-existence that offers customers faster payback, reduced risk, and freedom of choice.
  • Since 1983, IFS has been providing business software solutions to some of the world’s leading industrial companies, pioneering its component-based architecture that breaks a big business software solution down into smaller, easier to use pieces it refers to as components.
  • IFS continues to build its reputation on its component technology, aligning each component with clearly defined responsibilities and interfaces so that different technologies can be mixed and matched, added, upgraded, and replaced – giving customers the freedom of choice.


Supply Chain Technology

IFS Applications is marketed as an on-demand business application. Its component-based architecture provides for fast, step-by-step implementation, which lets companies get rapid payback by adding new functionality without waiting for a major overhaul.

Bottom Line

IFS software is built to be extremely user-friendly which is useful in creating a streamlined workflow for businesses. IFS Applications help businesses manage 4 core processes of ERP: service and asset, project, manufacturing and supply chain. IFS been in business for well over 2 decades, and has built quite the reputation in the supply chain and ERP world. As their steady and consistent growth over the past few years indicates, they know what they’re doing.