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Infor Supply Chain Review

Who they are

Infor is the 10th largest software company in the world, with approximately $2.1 billion in revenue. Over the past six years, Infor has grown to become one of leading business software companies in the world by building and acquiring some of the best solutions in the world.


What they do

Infor provides business solutions that help streamline operations, optimize planning and enhance performance throughout the company.


Satisfied Customers

Herman Miller, Shaklee, ThermoFab, Belden Brick, Lacks Enterprises, Inalfa Roof Systems, Superior Fastening Technology Limited, International Truck and Engine Corporation, Del Monte, Cumberland Packing, Organic Valley Family of Farms, Cadbury plc, Heinz Frozen Foods


Supply Chain Product(s)

Infor SCM

Product Key Features

  • Infor SCM is designed to help businesses manage the complexity of a supply chain with specialized functionality to tailor fit the solution to the business climate and to each business specifically.
  • Continuous Innovation. Infor listens to customer and adds the new features they need to do business better. Infor gives customers more software choices and help them add solutions at their own pace—by using next generation technology, like service oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Faster implementation. Infor offers Fast Start programs that let organizations get up and running quickly in specific areas of business, and then add more software functions whenever they are ready.
  • Better global service and support. Infor provides the systems and support organizations need to do business around the corner or around the world, today, tomorrow, and next year. Infor has 3,500 product specialists and 1,400 experienced sales and professional service partners, and delivers support and training in 20 languages. Infor also provides a 24×7 collaborative community, called Infor365, that connects our customers worldwide.

Supply Chain Technology

Infor is committed to enriching their software with ongoing functional enhancements and extending customer capabilities by providing more solutions from one vendor. Infor evolves its solutions with new technologies (such as service-oriented architecture-SOA) and improved interoperability with Infor and non-Infor products.

Bottom Line

Infor is a leader in the supply chain sectorwith solutions that span to over 70,000 customers worldwide. Infor SCM software is backed by years of manufacturing experience and resources to meet the business demands of a rapidly changing world. Infor’s business model revolves around constant innovation and a desire to make products that keep customers happy.